Chester - 8Bit SideScroller (Previously Known As Dexter)

This project was previously called Dexter, but I changed it to avoid any confusion with the tv show/game.


You are Chester; a hard working, and honest man who dies in the first few seconds of the game. Due to a filing error made by one of Satans secretary slaves, you have been sent to 8-bit hell! Satan give’s you a chance to make your way to heaven, he gives you the power of possession, and his wish list.

If you can taint all of the souls on Satans Wish List by possessing them, you win. If you can’t possess all of them, you will be sent back to hell to be Satans new masseuse.


At the moment, everything is going to be open source, and fairly easy to modify. Hopefully once I release the game I’ll create some videos explaining how to create your own characters, textures, and maps.


Test Video

New character skins

Can’t see that last image. Neat game mechanic. . . The story reminds me of that R.I.P.D. movie. The tv cast achievement sounds fun :smiley:

Ill fix that right away! And thanks!

Just added 50 new possess-able characters! Working on debuging and finishing up terrain, hope to have a demo download up soon!

So until the 7th I’ll be on vacation, and there for away from my home computer, and unable to work on my game project, So I’ve decided to pick up on this project while I’m on vacation.

Everything (as of now) is set up in a copy/paste style, What I mean by this, is to create a new character, all one would have to do is copy and paste an existing one, and change the UV’s.

Heres the main image which holds all the current possessable characters, I guess I can’t really call them NPC’s huh.

The synopsis alone makes this game amazing. Then, everything else… Oh snap! Very nice. Very nice indeed.

Thank you! It’s nice to pick up on an old project, not sure why I ever abandoned this game :stuck_out_tongue: