A character I think has always been missing from the standard chessboard - the Court Jester!

I could do more, sculpting etc but this was just a play around with Cycles.

A jester. Why of course!

Pretty badass chess piece you made there. Really awesome design.

Chester would be perfect for Blendswap. Good work.

It looks awesome, great job. The textures look pretty amazing.

awesome! :slight_smile:

yes upload to blendswap!!!
pleaasssee? its just going to be forgotten now that you have made use of it :stuck_out_tongue:

any way beautiful…would love to see it so i can see how some of the controls in cycles work

How come I never thought of it. Great idea indeed. Great render too, it just seems like the texture is too flat, from his “neck” to the bottom.

Thanks everyone.

I can post up to blendswap but then you will see how lazy I really was with the texturing :slight_smile:

Its not even UV unwrapped - just a photo I took of some concrete projected using the “Window” vector across Chester, and “Camera” projected across the chessboard.

DOF is the real magic and Cycles excels at it.

*** edit - didn’t upload to Blendswap because they only have categories for stable Blender releases and this is using Cycles which isn’t in stable yet.

JesterQueenChess.blend (1.73 MB) - CC-BY

Nice!!! Well done on the scene and camera setup. I like it.

Blendswap allows stuff using Cycles to be uploaded. Thanks for the .blend.

This very well, I like the surroundings as well.
I in particular, of course … if my project in such a case, would give more bump and ambient occlusion.
But this very well.:wink:

Cycles doesn’t do Ambient occlusion yet and because I was being so lazy :slight_smile: I couldn’t be bothered rendering as a separate pass in BI and compositing.

Nicely done, goosey!

A while ago I had thought the Jester / Fool would make an interesting addition to chess, along with another piece (the Knave) on a 10x10 board. archived my alternative chess proposal with these pieces at their site back in 2000:

I still think it would be cool to have that piece jumping around the board :wink:

Very nice work on the render!


Hey that’s awesome Robert. Did you ever try playing a game of Chess 2 against someone?

Thanks. No, it was just a fun little conceptual project at the time =)


Looks awesome! Though the texture loses some detail, or layer below the head. (also stated in a previous comment)

I love it.

This is certainly very cool, Goosey. Reminds me a little of a chess board I was wanting to build ten years ago in Chicago.
The textures look great.
Anyhow, I wanted to drop in on a recent thread of your’s to thank you for posting that awesome new punkin render in Cycles Museum. I like it a lot. BTW, I could be wrong, but I think Cycles does support volume at this point. I think. At any rate, it’s something you should bring up in the Cycles Tests thread, because that issue has been a running discussion in there before.
Anyway, thanks for adding your cool render, and future Cycles renders you want to hang up in there, in A Cycles Museum.
Have a great one! :slight_smile:

Thanks AdamEtheredge - there have been some volume enabled builds - but I didn’t think they were enough to make a decent flame yet, and watching Brecht over the stream from BConf11 he said both Volume and SSS were to be done in the coming year.