Chesterfield reading spot

Sorry about your dad, my condolences. I think this work would make him proud of you.
Thank you for your efforts and the model.

Thank you for all the input. I’ll keep all of your suggestions in mind. God bless you too. I’m not better than anyone, that’s for sure. CG is a pleasing hobby for me, nothing more.

Thank you very much for your kind words. I wish the best for the new year.

Hi birdnamnam
I hope time is proving to be a healer for you.
Thank you for your excellent model which I have downloaded and played around with.
Having worked for a large sofa manufacturer for the last 9 years, it is IMHO that your model is really very very good, and far better than many others that I have seen (Here is a group of models that I believe a CGI company charged around £400 to £1000 each for - (I think they look very bland in comparison to yours).
Your sofa material may be a little too glossy, but some leather materials are actually buffed up just like yours - so it’s very close.
Your pleats and folds are excellent! I’ve looked at the geometry, but can’t work out the process you used for this. If you could explain that would be great, but not to worry if you can’t.
Anyway, many thanks again.

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Thank you very much.
Yes, time is always a healer, but we feel our beloved ones as they were constantly here. So, there is always this feeling of nostalgia inside, and all these memories keep coming back again and again. This is life, I know, but definitely time helps.

I upload an early preview of the final renders here:

I’ve modeled a much more accurate and complicated model than this one. You can see it here and here
It’s soon going to be available on Gumroad and Blender Market.

There are other blender users interested in the method I used to produce these results, but making a tutorial about it would very time consuming, and 3d modeling is just a hobby, not my main occupation. I’ll think about it and see what’s best.

Thanks again.

Wow! That looks amazing!

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Hello @birdnamnam. Great work, what is the wall material (I mean node tree)? Thanx.


You can download the textures for free from this site

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thanx a lot!

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