Chevrolet Camaro

Not what I wanted to achieve since i haven’t been able to improve my rendering, material skills and i messed a lot of things in the end. And of course i never got a few things right (windows for example)
Maybe better luck next time.
I need suggestions on what things I should work on and at what level my skills currently are.


Would write ‘looks good’ but I don’t fit into the category so maybe say ‘Focused Critique Forum?’ instead. :slight_smile:

Material for both car paint and crome is too reflective IMHO, you might find such ref paint on some oldy-in-the-museum cars, but not a road camaro. And the headlights appear to be just textures, not sure if they are or not. But other than that, like the modeling is superb. tight, sharp lines which i myself have never nailed down completly.

I don’t think a focus group style poll is the right way to evaluate something like this, why does it have to be good or bad? even if there are problems with the formal design it does not make something “bad.”

What are you goals and does this image meet them is the only real evaluation imo.

And did you have fun? of course. :wink:

I think the modeling is very good, I think the flat reflections might be taking away from the “realism” is that is what you are going for.

Very nice modeling.Should’nt it be more orange?I think it still needs some work though.

Man I started learning cg in jan 09
So modelling is the only thing i know.
Materials, Rendering and realism are a far cry and i really don’t care about them at this stage
Carbonflux- I did have fun, but you can’t be happy with good wireframes. i thought i could learn rendering, materials, etc in a few days but i was wrong

im noticing some subsurfed faces in the grill that havent been smoothed out yet. but imho, thats the only small defect i see, and i actually had to look pretty damn hard. excellent work!

would you like some help with materials? heck… im no expert, but i have been working on them aswelk, and rendering…

the model looks good. Maybe if it had a floor under the car, then you might get a bit more for realism, and a better finish on the picture. I
m actually surprised that youve managed to finish a full car in less than 2 months, im barely started after 3 month! just shows different work styles i guess…

but yeah, if you need any assistance with materials, rendering… just give me a shout… or send me the .blend… could see what i can get for you…

I did better renders after that, here they are
But yes my rendering/material skills aren’t good yet.
When I finish my current WIP- Ferrari F430 Scuderia, I will need your help.