Chevy Camaro 2010

Hello, I have just finished my first ever hard surface model today. Although my laptop crashes every time I render this, so I decided to remove the curtains from the background. Also rendered the car separate from the stage. But here, finally after more or less than 2 weeks, here it is. Please comment and criticize my work, I want to learn more. By the way, I just started Blender on August 4, 2018. My first creation was the doughnut. :smiley: sorry for my bad english


Wow, that is a phenomenal first car!
I can say for sure my first one really sucks compared to this. :wink:

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Nice job. Looks 500 times better than my first attempt at a car which ended up looking like something that had been parked in a parking lot with people that beat the crap out of it with shopping carts. Not sure if you have used the method or seen it but there is a tutorial on youtube on advanced subdivision modeling for cars. It helps avoid pinching in areas that get cut out of the mesh for headlights and other body holes and shapes. Don’t let the advanced in the title scare you, it is really quite easy and produces awesome results.

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Yes, I aplied that with my model. I have watched a lot of tutorials, parts by parts, little by little, I have 5 attempts before I created this

But took a long time just to make this as it is now. I want to learn more of texturing and working with nodes. They are confusing