Chevy Test Render

Got my new puter yesterday 2.8 p4 Renders in 6 sec now. Used to take 6 hours lol

A single render?

do you mean the top 3 images there? I don’t see why you waited 5 hours to render something like that, I would think blender could do it in under 2 minutes (at worst), but it would take some tweaking to get good results

you must be talking about the third render, the first two look like they were done in blender without any effort.

… I don’t know, I am still confused

still shouldnt take 5 hours for the 3rd render - i did my truck in about 15 mins with full reflection and glass and also included fully modeled tires… maybe you have like a 200Mhz machine?

its a 500mz celeron. Im poor :frowning: well I am building a new p4 system…JOY

How long should a Ray traced image take?

Why cant people coment on the design and not how long it took to render, I mean who cares…really!

Are you people on drugs?

How old are you, 12?