Chewer!(probably an alpha to a platformer i will make)

Now I’m not sure if I’ll ever finish a platformer based on this since school is aproaching and i will not have much time to work,then again i might be wrong

So the game is about a worm called Chewer,he likes to eat apples.

Hold SPACE to chew

use arrow keys to move

will add jumping later

The character was made initialy for a short animation,then i thought that it could be a good character

the camera isn’t very well placed,I’ll try to fix that,also at first you need to make a U turn,the apple is behind you,then it will randomly spawn around the play area


Could you upload to a less hassling filespace? mediafire is wigging out (and other places like rapidshare are just a pain, with all the countdowns and crap)
Just use a place like google spaces, people get direct access to downloads without problems. (or, if the blend is small enough, you can even put it directly in your post as an attachment)

Also, screenshots are nice, so people can see what they’re going to download.

the size is pretty big since it’s the exe with dlls,i don’t fell comfortable about posting blend files of WIPS

Just an FYI, the exe is a blend file, just with a little extra to get it running without blender, anyone can rip the blend back out with very little effort. (also, if you’re using mac or linux, a nifty tip to know is you can run exes exported from blender just by opening them with blenderplayer)

Personally I respect people’s files and copyrights, but I also want to make sure you’re aware that your blends aren’t very well protected. I believe someone was (and maybe is, I don’t know the status of the project) making an encrypted blenderplayer, I think it was called BPPlayer. I’m not sure if it’s up to date, however.

Captain Oblivion is right, if I wanted to I could open your .exe with very little effort… What the Captian was talking about was BPPlayer, and here’s the link if you really want to project you’re .blends, but if you are, I don’t if I’ll be able to open it because I’m on linux and NET I think is from microsoft, I don’t want to go on windows just to play a game, your going to get a lot less plays if you do.

Here’s the link to BPPlayer that C-Delta made:

It protects your .blend and if ups the framerate a bit :D, it’s very nice :wink:

It’s not that i’m over protective,i just said i don’t fel comfortable about handling blend files of work in progress,i will probably put the blend file when i’m done or ta least finished some more work