(CHEWS) Gun for movie and trailer. First model no excuse to be mediocre

I am working on my first gun for a project and need helpful feed back as wells a pointer on how to texture. (Please give methods relevant to this gun.)


I think green is a good option. Non-reflective ofcourse.

Show some wireframes. Plus Whyare you not using a sub surface modifier? are you going for the lowpoly game look in a movie? look at the shoulder rest of your model imagine that kind of look at 1080p in a close up shot its not going to be pretty.

No I am not going for a low poly model and can you explain the sub surface modifier and how I would apply it? I am new to modeling and this is my first. Also would you like wire frame shots with it in our out of edit mode as it displays differently? I would post the .blend also but its to big :frowning:

Here is the wire-frames.

Holy kleenex batman. I hope those high poly images have a subsurf modifier applied, because that’s an unnecessary amount of geometry for such a “low poly” render.

If not, here’s a link to the wiki on the subsurf modifier: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Modifiers/Mesh/Subsurf.

lol no sub surf modifier and the render was default settings. I am aiming for production quality model and I am asking for help on my first model so it has that sort of quality. Thanks for th link I will check it out. can I have the link to the 2.56 one?

Work with a low number of polygons and use the subsurf modifier to add more levels. It will make it easier to make changes to the model in the future.

well the clip has it, I took the clip from my 3d max friend who loved turbo smooth. The rest is just subdivided as I felt I needed more control. also I only want to affect certain parts the part with the screen indent is meant to have sharp edges. So do I face select apply the modifier and screw setting setting till its how I want? or is there a science?

Don’t apply the modifier - leave it in the stack. Add additional edge loops to crease the edges you want sharp, but keep the original model as low poly as needed to get the job done.

Looking good at the vertices level. My suggestion is that you seperate the clip from the gun, and then attempt to make a clip from scratch just like the one that got. As you are quite new to this exercise, an easy way is to extrude a basic (&default) cube until you have shape, and rotate the vertices. Once you have something you like, texture this, (green preferably, non reflective ofcourse!) and use bump mapping to get the deep groves.

in order to get sharper edges in some places when using subsurf modifier you would need to use loop cuts (ctrl+r)

I will try and understand that in a minute (Making dinner) and the clip is separate and I will be adding detail to make it look like it can hold and unload bullets

Here is my .blend the sub-surf modifier really screws thing up. Render smooth looks better though it smooths some parts I would rather not. pretty sure I am doing something wrong. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EB738P9E this is without modifier or th edge loop thing I have yet to try because of modifier effect. If anyone can try using the modifier and seeing if it works right and if so give me the instructions, thank you. (Set shading smooth does have artifacts were I used a boolean modifier for the holes though. However I know I can select areas in edit mode to set smooth and leave the ones I don’t. Given my model is this a better idea than sub-surf modifiers?)

Hmmm I might recommend using the edge split modifier in conjunction with a set smooth on the whole piece. I doesn’t give you complete control over what you want smoothed and un-smoothed, but often times with a little tweaking you can get at least near the look you want. I think using booleans for the holes may end up being a problem because those modifiers are so touchy and incompatible with other modifiers and mesh controls at times. Hope some of that advice helps though ultimately it is up to you how you decide to solve it. Good luck.

Oh and as an alternative, you could use a gun model from blendswap.com. There are lots of great models there and they generally have few licence restrictions on them, if any.

For this film we have different designs and fictional weapons we are going to use and yes I am aware of blender swap from sintel. Anyway I think I fixed the model a bit still need help with texture and how to remove the shadow from the barrel when set smooth. I use the boolean modifier based of a recommendation, luckily most changes shouldn’t even be on that piece of the gun.


Thank you to everyone for the advice hope this is a bit cleaner :smiley:

how are we supposed to know its cleaner if we can’t see wires. to make good readable wireframe shots go into edit mode, make sure you are in solid viewport shading and you are displaying edges. than either use print screen to make a screen grab or use the opengl render feature of the 3d view(the little camera icon next to the clap board)

I just set render smooth on some areas the sub surf modifier makes my computer crawl and blender crashes. It has enough polygons. I was asking if that render was cleaner.

The reason Blender crashes is because adding a subsurf modifier to an already high poly model is asking for trouble. Your best best is to restart the model from the ground up using the subsurf modifier from the start.