Chibi Bomber-3D Sidescroller

HI! :3 I am making a 3D sidscrolling game called Chibi Bomber. I haven’t developed much of a story for it yet, but it is going to be anime/chibi styled. I will give more details as the game proggresses (because I don’t know the specific details ^.^). I mainly need help with textures, but add anything you want!

And if there are any anime/chibi artists, please tell me and I can give you a list of face textures I need and a bunch of IOU’s.

Thank you! :3

First I need help with the main character, Kiba. Mainly just textures.


nice model

So what exactly do you need help with? I coulf help if u give me more details :slight_smile:

Agreed :slight_smile: And I Love story development so if you want some help message me for that as well as any environment models you need :slight_smile: