Chibi Girl

Im just about finished my render setup for my chibi girl. I just wanted to get a critique before I started to animate her. I’m rendering sprites for use in a 2D videogame.

Wow, that’s really good for such a small sprite. I think the boot front color could be changed from brown to gold (to make it pop a little more), but it’s very clear and defined. Nice.

Thanks Sol! I will try out your suggestion. It took a lot of work, but finally got her to a place I think works =)

Can you show some pictures of the actual model?

As a video game sprite, I think the model’s very well done. Just the perfect amount of detail into it. But I think you could remove one of the gold stars from the sides of her head. It seems a bit too “exact” and too “symmetrical”. Just an idea.

it is a very nice model :stuck_out_tongue: looks like a game model / sprite

I posted it on Blend Swap for anyone interested in seeing the model or the rendering setup.

You will need a freestyle build for it to render properly. Some people have reported it crashing upon opening. I have not been able to reproduce this problem in either the official trunk or freestyle builds. You should be able to load and render without Freestyle, it will just have less definition around the edges when you render.