Chibi Tank

Strategy game unit design. There are also versions where the treads are animated, but they were too large to attach. You can see them here and here.

Update: You can now download the pre-textured model here:

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Here are the modeling steps. I hit the attached file limit in the previous post…

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I love this. Style is cool and the texture job is great! Nicely done.

Lol such a cool style! And textures and materials ar great! Good work!

Yes, great work on this model ! Modeling, texture and anim are top, and the concept is fun.

Really like the appearance of this tank. Texturing and modelling are great.
Also like the color scheme.

Beautiful little model!

Great work. I also looked at your site, animation gears. Thanks for sharing. joe

Super design nd execution.

Fantastic model and equally impressive texturing!
Any inspiration from Masamune Shirow’s “Dominion:Tank Police”? Definitely seems to be cut from the same cloth as the original Bonaparte.

This is awesome, and tank looks cute!

LOVE THIS!!! EPIC! AWESOME! PHENOMENAL! Never seen anything like this! This is really great! Thanks for your awesome work! I wish I had your talents! You should’ve done a time lapse!!! :smiley:

Cute it reminds me of the little tank you used to get in those old metal slug games.

Insanely cool design! Could you post wireframe for us?

I agree with all of this post.

This is WAY cool…and I would love to see the wireframe. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Metal Slug. That’s one great design!

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wow! very nice! I also would like to see wire frames :slight_smile:

nice! also reminds me of metal slug 3 :slight_smile:

Very, very cool! Cute but at the same time wicked details! Textures are awesome!

Thanks for all the comments!

I received a whole lot of E-mails asking a variety of questions, most of which can be answered by sharing the model, so I did:

(it’s pending approval… Edit: it’s been approved!)

The model I shared is the final point before shading/texturing, because the textured model is over 100Mb large and is extremely messy.
The only real difference between the files is that the final one had a ton of modifiers applied, and the resulting mesh was vertex-painted (mainly using the Dirty Vertex tool). Even the lighting is almost the same. If you want to know anything about the material setup, let me know.

I’ve never heard of Metal Slug, but now that I google it I can totally see the resemblance. I wanted to create an elaborate RTS game unit that shares some elements with the old RTS games like Dune 2. They were practically super-deformed because you needed to see the details even when they were tiny. Also, in many of the older games all units had a square top-view, so with this model I tried making it fit snugly into a cube.

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