chibii help needed

help needed !

hi im making this game called chibii,in it your this cartoonish guy and …im still thinking. I made the first made beta level with collectible coins boxes and a suprise :yes:
team (i got a team wohoo)

hoping for more guys


Looks good so far, for a just started game. But, what do you need help with?

heres the blend

i need help with modeling the female character,making the life bar,enemies.etc
anyone wants to help with the logic,animation,modeling etc. please let me know and ill email you

These links may help you with your hp bar.
I hope that atleast help a bit. :smiley:

thanks dude

Yup no problem!
Here’s some more links: This one has weapon parenting in it. Blender Noob-Pro tutorials.
Just a few links that you may find helpful in your quest to make your game. :smiley:

If you’ve got anymore questions just post them here, an I’ll try to help.:cool:

so what did you think of the game in general do you think anything should be improved maybe the hoverboard?
also what is slow parenting
thanks in advance

He could do with a walking animation…

When I downloaded it he didn’t have a walking animation, and that alone would make it better. :slight_smile:

what do you man he didnt have a walking animation i made one let me upload it again

what do you mean he didnt have a walking animation i made one let me upload it again

EDIT:sorry double post mistake

the bend is here please comment and tell me if anything is wrong

if you touch the red ball you will become a ghost

new female character
Edit sorry plant person:( any way what did you think of the game:D
also what exactly is a moderator ,did you like make the site


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@Alam-A moderator is a person who"moderates" the forums beating up the bad people of this forum.

You will find that there are also admins here. They have EVEN more power to beat up the baddies here than our good ole mods.

Also, beware that some mods, and admins, are not that active, or as active in certain forums.

Such as plantperson! He is a moderator who has a good humor. :smiley:
Beware though he can some times, beat you up with humor. XD

Also I downloaded the game, and what I meant by walking animations is as follows: This is for me, his arms stay out like they do in the render. Most animations don’t have there arms stretched out like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

ok thanks for explaining to me what a mod is ill get right on the arms thing do you know any simple tutorials for enemies without python or path nodes with a walk cycle

thanks again

Yea there’s a couple floating around the net hahah.
Here’s a few of them. :smiley: This one is a really good one.

Those are some really simple ones, but good ones. :smiley:

ok i take back the no python do you know any python ai tutorials.
is there a way i could use the near andtrck to to make enemies?

huge update!:smiley:
new game plot,character,hp system etc

plot: your a rigged mesh and your trying to work your way up to the add button and into the model hall of fame with big buck bunny,Frankie,momo etc.
but to get there you have to fight your way to the top,you start with fighting the default
cube that can shoot python scripts and hit you.and then you move on to the UV sphere and after fighting some other basic meshes you move on to the game characters like big buck bunny,momo Frankie etc.could a mod also change the thread title to blend club:D
id also like to thank monkey creator for all his helpful tutorials

Do you have an actual playable game that you can upload with this new update?

Hi, Im Sunjay03,
My real name is Sunjay Varma. I think im interested in your game. I think its a really cool idea. I have been working with blender for about a year now and I could help/be your logic/Python guy. I dont know everything about python but I have done quite alot. if you decide to let me join you just comment. =D

If you want to see a game that I just recently made its right here:
I have made others, that one is the most recent.

ok sanjay your on the team,congratulations;)
ok for those of you who thought chibii is, its dead it not:yes:
i have just been working on the weapons,stuff to break,physics,inventory etc.:cool:
and now for your viewing pleasure the first completed demo of chibii
wohoo.:evilgrin: In the demo you can collect coins and bricks. To throw the bricks you press space bar,if you throw a brick at a box it will dent and break.:evilgrin:if you collide with the box your life goes

also sanjay do u know how to make a inventory in python?,the one i have now uses a lot of logic brick spider webbing:o
please tell me what you think of the demo:spin: