Chicago Savings Bank

Hey all, just posting a WIP I’ve been working on for about two days. Here’s the reference I used:

I started it as modeling practice, mainly the detailed windows and trim on the building. Here’s my progress so far:

Any C&C would be nice, I hope to finish this as a portfolio piece.


Looking good. Now all you need is a good texture and some details on the building.

Quick update:

Hey! Looking great! =D

I’ve been tinkering with buildings lately, too! Are you using array modifiers to create the building or are you hand modelling each storey? Whatever the case, it’s looking awesome. =)

My only suggestion would be that the bricks look a tad large compared to the rest of the building. Perhaps shrinking the mapping would solve that problem? You’ve also got some issues with the texture on the bottom storey. Are you using UV mapping? If not, I would recommend cube mapping instead, as it looks like you’re using something weird if it’s not UV.

Other than that, this is looking really good. =)


This looks so weird when scrolling down :smiley:

No arrays were used, I suppose that would have been an option, but some of the windows needed to be scaled and adjusted according to adjustments made to the building later. I’ve also since resorted to Cube mapping the texture to the building, it looks much better.

At the moment I’m rendering a semi-final image for the school project this is for, but I plan on bringing it home and working on it there. Modeling it was alright on this old school computer, but rendering is ssssllloooowww as all hell.

EDIT: Update:

Here’s a wire:

The bricks are way off scale, they look like they are about 5x too big. I’d also try to model some of the smaller details, like the brickwork around the corner units, as they look different from the rest of the building. Also, the 2nd storey (1st if you are in the UK) has slightly different proportions.

They are minor things, but it’s the minor details that tend to sell architectural renders. It looks good at the moment (nice renders) but with attention to detail (check out the array modifier, it will become your best friend on a job like this) it will really ‘pop’ and will look great instead.

Good work so far!

Another update, apart from rendering settings I think I’m done tinkering with this model, I’m quite pleased with the result though :smiley:

The texture mapping looks much improved! But I think it might benefit from some normal mapping, too.

The problem with reducing the size (which is really essential) is that now you’ve got some tiling problems. Where are you getting your map from? I’d recommend a higher resolution map from CGTextures or somewhere like that. That’ll give you more variety and hide some of that tiling going on.

The modelling is top notch, though. Not much more you could do except adding fire hydrants and lights and things, I suppose. =D