Chick final [email protected] Big image(10.8)

I started CgTalk challenge peace, but i think that i dot have enough time to finnish it. Anyway i tell when there is new update.

U can wiew thread here:

Or images here:

haha i like the concept drawing :slight_smile: i hope you do finish in time

Can’t wait to see the final product (I you have time) :smiley:

Other than the slightly masculin features you are off to a great start. The concept is very original and it would be a shame if you did not complete this project

Looks like you got a little to excided with the drawing :smiley:

Very nice start,

model wrinkles makes her look more old than angry, IMHO

keep it up


Nice models otherwise, but the boobies look awkward (though you might want them to look like that…)

Well it’s really long time since last update.
I didn’t make it on time, but i finnish this anyway.

Thanks everyone for comments, keep em coming.

And here is that update:

i 'm not sure what type of girl you are aiming at, but I would make that head a bit more feminine… shes look not from this planet :slight_smile: her chin is quite big (for a female) and the general look of it is quite skeleton -like… scary… well, maybe it will change when you put the eyebrows there and hair…

just ignore me, I’ll wait for the updates.


i have to agree with basse. she’s kinda creeping me out! and her breasts look incredibly disproportionate. Not that I don’t like large breasts, but in this case, I’m not sure her back could suppor the weight.
will be watching this, though, because i know something cool will come out of it.

Glad she’s not real. I’m sure there is someone out there that does resemle her in more ways than one though… That’s really freaky.

Thanks everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

When i started this i had clishee game baby in my mind.
Well she seems to be too bad for asolut clishee, but i like her like that.

Anyway i started thread in CgTalks wip forum and there is couple updates, ill post em here too when i get my home machine working(hd crash), but for now i use CgTalks attachement option.

Here is link:

Ok here is updates:

Now hands… oh i hate hands! Do i have to?

oh wow, a hermaphrodite, heshe is hot :slight_smile:

from the front the face still looks too male, although it isn’t realy a prob from the side, maby you culd make the pony tail mre visable from the front, and soften up the features. Breasts are not too big.

her nose is too talll, eyes to high up and upper head disproportionately large to keep the eyes in the middle of the head. the outer eyes are also way to upslanted. I’d move the eyes down to about where the midlle of the cheeks are currently, and pull the eyebrows and upper nose down. then tweak the top of the head so that the eyes are roughly halfway up. move the ears down/make em smaller to match the new nose. work on the curve of the lower lip, smooth it out towards the lip edges and make the upper lip overlap the lower slightly. I’d also make the jaw a trifle less masculine.
As to the breasts, they might be a bit too large +square, esp. the lower edge shouldn’t be so square with the shirt draping over it.
an overall crit is that she currently has a cute superfemenine “chubby” body- large breasts, stocky legs, very narrow waist, but her face looks emaciated. It gives the overall a disconcerting impression.
fantastic modelling overall. clothes and boots/accessorys have great detail. please finish.

Thanks for exellent crit!!!

I’ll see what i can do with head, but meanwhile…


man this is cool

longer legs now.

Excellent work Poju!

I agree with what slikdigit said, and also GFX Idiot, the legs really need ot be longer. I think only the lower leg/shin section though. The upper leg looks pretty good.


The hands should be approximately the size of your head… put your own hand vertical to your face, and you’ll see what I mean… and yes, girl’s legs are a LOT longer than that

Edit: oh! and before you toss the head, keep it, for an alien body :smiley: