[ chicken ] - [ 50 Minutes ]






Fried!!! wahaha you made my day with that incredible idea!!! But besides that, I voted for lumpycow’s nice attempt .

BackiZ your approval is all i need ! (am kiddin give me votes damn it!)
I was gonna model a chicken but i figured everyone else would, so i opted for the comic route.

Nice chicken gone commando Crititrozoz!

What about my chicken?.. It’s chicken dogs!

I was gonna model like those plastic chicken playset things, but it didn’t work out.

Made this just for fun. I definitely liked lumpycow’s the best. Good job everyone. Friedbrain thats really funny.

holy crap critozozozozo awesome chicken!

Crititrozoz: This is awesome stuff man! You’ve got talent with Blender, and this once again is one of those things that could make it to the Finished Projects if you give it a bit more work. The only thing that bothered me about your chicken was that the back foot was positioned oddly.

Great work man!!!