Chicken livers

Okay, here is a funny thing. Almost every day I have a snooze. Usually from 11:00 to 1:00. Sort of a siesta. Well, I was sleeping and started having dreams. I do not like chicken in general, the thighs are nice though. The rest is sort of like bleah! One thing that I do like though are chicken livers. You dip them in butter milk and then roll them in flour or something and then fry them up in some bacon grease or whatever. They are really good! So, anyway, I started dreaming about chicken livers. That woke me up (sort of) then I went to the refrigerator and started a search for my chicken livers which I knew that I had. After around ten minutes I woke up rummaging through the ice box after not finding anything. I had to ask myself “ just what the heck are you doing?”. Is this like sleep cooking or what?
Now I have to go out and get some.