Chicken setup?

Hit there.

Does anyone know how to get the latest chicken export plugin to work for blender? I have tried everthing I can think of, and have searched many different sites, and it still wont work. I get an error saying that there is no such file as Anyone know why this might be?

Edit: Here is a screen of my error.


have you tried the script from here:

Also the error you receive about chicken_config .py means that the file chicken needs to be in: .blender\scripts\bpymodules

hope this helps.

Well I tried that but it didn’t help anything. I still get the exact same error. I somehow I got the first version to work, so whatever. I’ll just use that one. Thanks anyways.

I know that this was poste in March, but this is the only resource I could really find for chicken. So I get the error ‘Blender.Run(scr) no such file or Blender Text’ does anybody know how to fix this?
Edit: Sorry I ever brought this back an old thread… I fixed it myself. So well, yeah

dont be sorry, just tell what you did to fix it. others might have the same problem, and they might use search just like you did. dont worry about bumping old threads, some will complain. they are usually the same ones that will tell you to use search when you post a new thread. we have alot of wanna be mods that want to tell everyone else they are wrong no matter what. ignore them. if you really are wrong a real mod will tell you. there is a reason they are still a wannabe mod, they dont do the job properly. back on subject: what was the fix?

Oh, I just checked the script code and it reffered to another script using a directory. It went something like ‘/chicken/’ I didn’t have that file in the chicken folder, so I moved it and well it worked. : ) (slightly off topic, but can somebody send me a good link for learning classes in python, I having some dificulty understanding it.) that is from python 2.3 but classes are still classes.

the official version of a classes tutorial is chapter 9 of the official python tutorial documentation. it dosn’t change that often. if you have python installed you probably already have it in your c:python XX / doc folder. but to save the looking here is the online version for 2.5 (2.6 and python 3,0 are the same, like i said classes are still classes,