Chicken WIP

This was in the Finshed Projects section but I relized that it still needed some work. I added kinda winged hands to him. They look a bit like the arms from Chicken Run but who cares?
What do you think?



I got a question about the particles.
I want to make the particles show only on the body and parts of the head. I dont want to seperat the mesh too add particles (seperate the mesh I mean by selecting the faces you want the particles and in edit mode hit ‘p’ then ‘selected’). How can I make em show only where I want em to show?


Can some one please help me with the particles.


you could use the weight paint tool to paint them on

Make a vert group of where you want the particles to be and call it ‘particles’ or whatever.
In the particles menu, where it says ‘emit from’ or something like that ( I can never remember the exact labels on things ) and type in the name of the vert group.

Hope I’ve explained well enough, if not say so and I’ll post pics

Yeah can you show me some pictures. I try doing what you say but it isn’t working out the way I want it to.

In the pic I have the vertgroup selected (remember to click assign)
In Vgroup, type in the name of the vertgroup you want to emit from. If you still can’t get the results you want, then post some images showing your settings and vertgroup.

Thanks new neo.

I have redone alot of the mesh, WAY to many doubles. On some squares there were as many as 4 squares on the same square. They wern’t all alined either. Talk about time consuming!

Anyway I added some better looking arms and I got him all ready for the particles. Yeah!

Here is a wire of him/it/her.

C&c wanted.



Here he is with some fur. The camara is al little to the right of the chicken that is why the beak looks shirted to the left. I know that the thumb looks a little flat, I’ll change later. Please give some comments or critism. :frowning:



Come on ppl is that hard to give some c and c? I would really like some comments.

I’m kinda noob-ish so I can’t really give that much help with the mesh itself, but:
1.The scene seems too dark overall, when using particles the lighting is
very important to give good effects
2.I would reduce (or remove) the spec on the arms and legs unless you
are after a really cartoony feel
3.The feet should be spiky instead of rounded IMO

Other than that good job. I still can’t model anywhere near that well (can’t really model to be fair)

BTW, don’t worry too much if ppl don’t crit for a while, I generally get 1 reply per 50 views max (probably a good sign if they can’t find fault :smiley: )

I need some help in my rigging and I would like some tuts if you got any for Blender 2.4 please give em. Thanks

Should be something about rigging in there