chickenchair (siggraph BOF anim)

hi folks, here’s the anim I showed at siggraph blender showcase at the BOF, now with sound!

divx avi, mp3 compressed audio:

800x600, luxury size, ~18 Megs Huge

400x300, comfort size, ~7 Megs Normal

200x150, postage stamp, ~2 Megs Tiny

Oh, it’s around a minute and a half long.

P.S. BgDM, now I get back to the pet.

Beautiful work!

The texturing is friggin awesome.

The movements are just great. Especially the cable dragging behind it. Looked awesome.


P.S.: Yeah, I bet the little guy is getting hungry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy crap. That rocks!

amazing! just to show how great blender is.


That was really good…I mean REALLY good.

Was the power cable animated with bones? It was very well done.

The soundtrack was quite well done too.

Is this part of a larger project?

Well, “beautiful”," that rocks" and “amazing” has already been used, so I can say wonderful!
Great job. NLA (but I don’t think so)?


This is right there with the best animation tests I have ever seen done with any tool. Congrats, great inspiration.
Was it rendered with blender’s internal? If so, wow again, and how? :slight_smile:
Looking at it, this is AO, right? Never seen it in animation, looks great. Well designed robot thingie, and great clip direction as well.

Wicked animation. As has been mentioned already the texturing was great.



you should invest some time in tutorial you know!

stuff i never though blender could output.

For me, this is easily the most accomplished short I’ve seen done in Blender. Congratulations.
I’d love to see a bit of a ‘The making of…’ webpage with concept art, walk cycles, material tests and the like.

Now for a 5-minute mini-movie… :wink:

Hey thanks a lot for the nice comments :expressionless: :smiley:
I was looking at the thread since I posted thinking I would get mostly download probs and the like, but great, it seems peeps can view this video.
BgDm: thanks, redid the cable 3 times to get it right, glad you liked it. Texturing was inefficient (took my time- and ~100 image maps)
Lived: thanks! , @ner, you too, and yes, blender is quite great. fakeplastic: yes its a test for a larger project (minitru) in which this chair is just a humble unimportant piece of furniture. There are other characters and other robotic furniture in it. thanks env, coming from you great praise. Indeed I did use the NLA, there are 3 or 4 walk cycles (I forget) and a few non-cycling animations. action blending and constraint blending to mix between them. Erufailon, thanks, and yes, its blender internal, AO, and 2 or 3 textured lights. thanks block01cube, Gabio, I’m planning some kind of animation tutorial, it depends on time and laziness :wink: . My desire is to document my current process with blender anim tools, both to teach, to get mistakes pointed out, and to be able to explore feature requests to improve workflow.

An animation tutorial would be greatly appreciated! I’m learning animation as we speak, by websites, books, interviews with pros and some 2D animation, but I want to do 3D too. I’m definetly going for it, but a tut with tips for animation in Blender (I can’t afford Maya, and PLE watermark bugs me a lot) would really be useful!

please please, pretty please make one :expressionless:

Now, about the animation: Very nice camerawork and great animation. Not “the best I’ve ever seen in any program”, but it doesn’t have to be at all. Being one of the best I’ve seen with Blender is more then enough. Only animations that could top it for me were in the Siggraph demo reel. You’ve really succeeded in giving a mechanical chair character. Robosounds contribute a lot to the character too, which is great. Lovely texturing too, although I feel the red is a wee bit out of place. Don’t know whether it’d need to be a lighter or darker tone, or a completely different colour, but it seems a bit strange. At least in some shots, in other it looks just fine. I also like the camera effect a lot. A last crit would be the lightning of the electricity. It’s hard to get that right, and although you’re coming close to it, it’s not “all that”.

Great job!

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  • Bentagon

:o Wow! Once I pull myself off the floor I’ll be able to do anything but worship your talent with Blender, but that’s a ways off. Simply amazing! I don’t even know what to say, I loved everything. Tutorial(s) would definitely be something I’d love to see from you, though. :wink: I realize that time & laziness are a factor, trust me, I feel you there. Anywho, NICELY DONE and thanks for sharing! :smiley:

:o …now that I have composed myself, DAMN! That is amazing! I think this will inspire many people to really push themselves in Blender (I know it has for me). I really hope you get round to tutorials (I’d love to see the animation ones :slight_smile: ). Gah, it’s hard to type with a keyboard covered in drool.
Any idea when the whole movie might be finished? I’m sure we are ALL looking foward to it.

Please quote correctly, I didn’t say this.

I have said what I said, because the best animation test I have seen to date was of a little character with gray skin and a little tail, he fell down from the sky and was walking around, boxing in the air, and stuff, I loved that one, it was so cute. And this one is just as good as that one, so for me it’s right up there with the best. I think that one was done with maya, but don’t quote me on that, especially not incorrectly :slight_smile:

Stunning! (I think this has not been used before ;))

The camera work, textures - and most of all, the animation is so cool - not these slow and damped motions you see in so many short films, this chicken is alive! (as long as the electricity bills are paid :D)

I’m really looking forward to see more - and thank you for this great inspiration.

totally professional :smiley:


Animation was quite good. Some odd distortion in the power cord at times and there was a lot of ‘credits’ and such before hand that I dont think were necessary for a ‘test’. That said, the animation and texturing were very well done.

Awesome stuff, slikdigit, what can I say! Heaven knows what the larger project will be like if this is just a test. Two big thumbs up!

Yes but keep some for the conference in montreal. You’r coming, don’t you?