Child armatures not affecting mesh location properly

Hey guys, I’ve looked around but can’t find a mention of this problem anywhere and I’m having no luck figuring it out by myself so I’d very much appreciate a helpful link or suggestion.

The setup: (Using Blender 2.5) A winged humanoid character using one armature(A1) to deform the body mesh, two separate wing meshes parented to armatures (A2 & A3), A2 and A3 in turn are parented to the left and right shoulder bones of A1, both A2 and A3 are IK tracking individual meshes hidden in another layer and the meshes in turn are parented to bones belonging to A1 placed at the wingtips. Which means that I only ever need to animate A1.

Now all of the above works just the way I want it, I’m not sure if I’m doing it in a somewhat roundabout way with the hidden meshed but it works for what I’m doing.

Now I introduced a clothing mesh that covers part of the body and wing meshes, I got the vertex groups and weight painting set up and as I was rotating bones to try it out everything worked fine.

The problem: When the character starts moving around in the scene It seems that the mesh is receiving all the rotations and deform properly from all three armatures but it’s only the parts with vertex groups under A1 that actually follow the character around when he starts moving, the rest is just staying in place while still deforming to the rotations of A2 and A3. The problem seems to be that the locations the child armatures are inheriting from A1 doesn’t translate into the interaction between the mesh and child armatures.

I’ve been tinkering with it for ages and tried searching for a solution online but to no avail, the only other option I see right now is to remove A2 and A3 and make the wings in A1 instead, Id rather not go through all that again as It was a pain to get the wings right and I’m hoping that there just is some sort of “inherit location” check-box somewhere that I just missed.

Any help would be very appreciated and thanks for anyones time, reading this wall of text.

It seems I’ve made things overly complicated in my effort to make them clear.

In short: The issue is that I have a armature parented to a bone within another armature and when I try to use both parent and child armature to deform the same mesh it receives deforms correctly but only seem to factor in the location of the parent armature. Any idea why?