Child Ballet Project (output to SecondLife as End Point)

I have been trying for some time to get things going on this and i need some help.

I would like to create a set of Child Ballerina Avatars for SecondLife for a Shop.

for this is need a bunch of help

1 Modelers: im basing this on the MakeHuman mesh and i need somebody that can make Leotards Tights Slippers from the MH mesh with as few new verts as possible. Also i need somebody that can do Skirts, Tutus Hair and the other bits (like a set of DanceBlades)

2 Texture artists: I need folks that can do Skins, leotards tights Hair and the other bits

3 Animation: This is highly non trivial since 1 im talking about Ballet 2 SL uses a nonstandard BVH setup

if you want to get details PM me with the title |Bad Wolf Ballet| (i don’t want to clutter the forum)