Child bedroom

The child’s bedroom is completely modeled in Blender and is processed by Blender and Substance Pinert material.
Render Cycles engine was used to create the rendering.
And finally to create a beautiful and pleasant scene
You can contact me by email for suggestions

All objects are modeled in Blender


Nice work :clap:

Good job here, but i see the wood bump (or normal or displacement , don´t know wich one you use) too strong, at least in the floor planks it´s more noticeable.

Thank you for your look :blossom:

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Dear David
Thank you for your comment, I will check the bump in the next projects :blossom:

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Agree with this note
Bump is more than needs imho
Light setup is great

Thank you for your opinion

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

what did u use for light , HDRI or blender sky?

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sky lighte blender

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I think its a great render, super clean and well lit and modelled and the texturing is great too.

But it doesn’t feel like a childs bedroom, its seem too clean and professional.

Its must be a very very clean child.