Child bone not following parent, why?

I am following a video tutorial on rigging. For some reason the author did not make bones that connect the limbs to the spine, yet the limbs do follow when he moves the spine. Not in my rig though :frowning:
In pose mode, I have already selected the limb bone, then Shift selected the spine bone and used Ctrl P to parent them, but no window pops up. But apparentely I can unparent them, as I do get the pop up window to do that when I use Alt P.
So it looks as if though they were already parented yet the limb doesn’t follow.
Any ideas?

Btw, using 2.49b


Im really not to sure . I think you duplicated it in edit mode maybe. Try add new armature in object mode

Thanks K :slight_smile:
Actually, thanks to PapaSmurf I found that I can just select the child bone, then use this drop-down menu to choose the parent bone. I don’t know why the hotkey wouldn’t do it though.
Since in my case I didn’t want the child bone to be connected to the parent bone, I simply don’t press the “Con” button as it shows in the image below.