Child has no Collision after Parenting


Im working on a Space Trading Game

The Problem:

I have on Layer 2 a kinda Lib for some models.
And in Layer 1 i have a Empty that represents the Player.

I just want that this should work:

Ship --> parenter to --> Empty = Empty detects the collision throu Child(Ship).

the empty works fine but the ship does not, the child simply goes throu all.
I did the Compound Buttons and tested alot with different settings even
un- and reparented the objects in Python. nothing works.

mb its important to say that i add the Ship from another layer before parenting.

greets Equal

EDIT: found another solution, problem isnt anymore.

I just want to mention that as far as my experience goes, it’s generally a bad idea to use an empty as a physics object, (same goes for armatures, lights, and anything that isn’t a mesh). There tends to be problems.

Wait – Why don’t you make the empty the child?

I see you’ve got multiple ships. What I would do is have each ship a separate player, and, when you wanna switch ships, use Add/end actuators to switch entire ships and pieces, allowing the size/class/controls of the ship to be easily changed.
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