Child location values

Let’s say I have a parent and a child object, both at (world) x-location of 10. I seem to remember that, in previous versions of Blender, the x-location of the child would be 0, ie relative to the parent. But now both of them say 10.

Can I change this behaviour? I’d rather work with relative positions. So if I set the x-location of my child to 0, I’d expect it to be at the same x-location of the parent – whatever that parent x-location is. Any thoughts?

If both parent and child are at 0,0,0 when the relationship is made then it will behave as you desire.

Setting parent with “without inverse” option seems to do the same thing, but it has to move the child to the same position as the parent. With this option you could try shift+s > snap cursor to object (the child) the set the parent with the option mentioned which will cause the child to snap to the parent. Then select only the child and shift+s > snap object to cursor which will move the child back over where it was originally but with it’s 0,0,0 matching the location of the parent.

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Thanks, what you describe indeed works. It just seems strange to me that this is not (no longer?) an option under Make Parent, and that you have to manually move the child back to its original position. Also, as a mathematically inclined person, I feel there should be nothing special about location 0,0,0. I could maybe have understood it if it worked as desired when both objects are at the cursor location (because that ís a special, marked location), but that doesn’t work either.

But hey, never mind all that, I know how to make it work as desired now, so thanks again!