Child object not showing up in render

Hi Blender Experts,

I have two simple objects (cylinders) in a child-parent relationship. The problem is that one of the objects (child) disappears, when I render the scene in blender game mode (see attached the test-2.blend file). I have already checked the renderability (camera icon), render layers, etc… and have run out of ideas to fix this. The two objects render just fine once the child-parent relationship is removed. Thank you in advance and apologies, if this problem has already been solved elsewhere (tried to find it with no luck). Currently I use Blender version 2.67


test-2.blend (485 KB)

Have you tried using a ‘Child Of’ constraint instead of parenting


test-3.blend (502 KB)

Thank you, Richard, for your prompt reply and my sincere apologies for the lengthy delay in response.

‘Child Of’ constraint did fix the (disappearance) problem, however, it seems that it does not quite function like the standard parenting method, at least in the BGE mode. Namely, the child object does not follow its parent, when the parent is subjected to the gravitational force (in other words, the two objects do not behave like a single rigid body), which is what I had in mind. In fact, the test scene (test-3.blend) behaves exactly the same way, regardless whether the ‘Child Of’ constraint is present or not. I’m quite new to Blender, so I would not be surprised, if I overlooked something here.

Also, I have noticed that the disappearance of the child object in the original file (test-2.blend) is subject to the orientation of the parent’s (and sometimes the child’s) local coordinate system in relation to the global coordinate system of the scene. Has anyone come across this, or similar, issue before?

Any comments would be much appreciated.

in my case my childerns are not visible when i turn of physic… it is quiet anoying