Child of Constraint causing unwanted offset that didn't use to exist

Okay I’m going to give this whole blender thing one last try, hopefully this isn’t another enormous problem among the many that affect thousands of users and it’s just some simple cosmetic setting.
I made an armature for a mesh, everything was working normally, several bones were successfully constrained to what I wanted to be the “master” bone. In one instance of working with the armature, I constrained the main root bone for the whole armature to this master bone along with several IK control bones so that I could have a posable way to move and rotate the entire armature with keyframes.
Now, all of a sudden, when I go back to remake the armature from scratch to add in a couple more bones that I decided I needed, constraining the main root bone which I call the “lower thorax” to the master bone causes this completely unwanted offset after I set the inverse in the constraint. This offset did not exist in the previous armature which was almost perfectly identical to this current armature. Below are the images of the problem along with the actual file below the pictures.

New Ant.blend (944 KB)

Little dramatic, don’t ya think…

Chain lengths on IK chains, several of them are set to “0” set them to proper values. Then turn on your constraint and inverse it. If you want I can post the fixed file for you.

Hi PixelLove,

learning a 3d package is always going to be a head scratcher, it’s complex, full of caveats… not to mention the gotchas and design weirdness of the software itself. Hang on, and try to not get discouraged. And too dramatic. :wink:

Finally something in blender works!