Child Of Constraint Not Working As Expected?

Hello there!

So I have two models that had already been animated together previously. One is a character model, the other is a weapon model, a bow.

They’re separate models, and I want to import them both and temporarily merge them so I can import the animations for them properly and edit them if I want.

I’m doing this with the child of constraint that points to the skeleton and the appropriate weapon bone. It looks totally fine if I’m in edit mode on the weapon model:

However, in pose\object mode It’s in the wrong place:

What’s going on here? How do I make this work properly?


most likely your bow bone is already part of your rig hierarchy, and adding a childof constraint on it causes double transforms. Try removing it from the hierarchy (clear parent). If it doesn’t help, post a screenshot of your outliner, or post your file so that we can look at it.