Child of Constraint

In order to create a “picking up” animation I figured I would have an empty with a child of constraint attached to a bone on my character’s armature, and use a game logic controller to parent an object to the empty. I created a modifier on the empty to make it a child of the armature ribs, and it was not responsive. I tested it with a cube that I could see, and it would not move with my armature. Is there something I’m missing? If I could have with python and logic bricks parented an object directly to an armature bone, I would have. Does anyone know? Thanks.

Could you attach the blend? I’ll have a look.

Many of the contraints do not work in the BGE. Just parent the empty to the bone instead.

Here’s how:

  1. Select the armature
  2. Go into edit mode
  3. Select the bone you want to parent the empty to
  4. Go into object mode
  5. Select the empty
  6. Shift + select the armature
  7. Ctrl+P -> select Bone