hi ,this character was modeled and rigged in blender ,rendered in cycles with sss and hair.

here is the screenshot

here is one of my rigging demo

Oooohw, so cute…
I love it. :yes:

I think that if you could improve the hair it would be awesome. ^^

Nice :smiley:

I guess hair is Always tricky to do :slight_smile:

Fantastic!.. so cute… and awesome sss shader

not too bad…he looks like plastic though.
He needs bump and spec.
The floor is very low res as well.
I like your rig preview though.

here is another render.

a nice model.
But in my opinion, it looks like a toy puppet.
in other words, the shape is pretty realistic, but as already mentined, the skin shader looks a bit like plastic.
The topology of the face is nice and you have a very dense polycount around the eyes.

Did you started in a T-Pose or did you started with a Mesh that is already in about that pose?
My guess is something like a T-Pose or Relaxed Standing Pose, because the joints on the shoulders are a bit pressed inside.

A good attempt, and in all honesty a thousand times better than anything I can do, but at the same time I think the scale seems a bit off. I think the arms and legs are a bit too long for a child that is still crawling. Most children have their bellies closer to the ground at that stage I think. Could just be a tall baby though, with well developed teeth :).

child with clothes