Childhood bedroom

One of my first scenes incorporating natural lighting. Say what you want I guess. This is supposed to be just before sunset, so the light is low.

looks good, but the light isnt the slight orange you would see at sunset, it seems more a bright yellow of midday, try addin a little flair of orange (not too much!) and that should make it much better :smiley:

A nice idea, yet there are some things that need improvement.

-It is called a ‘childhood’ bedroom. Where’s the childhood? This room could belong to anyone, with the only ‘childish’ element being the 2-poster bed.

-To add to that: Where are the colors? When I think of ‘childhood’ I think of colourful walls with posters and batman sheets on the beds. Add some materials to this scene, perhaps some posters and a slight bumpmap for the walls (paint/paper).

-Everything is sharp. I’m kinda scared to walk in there :P. In reality, every 90° corner, even when appearing sharp, has actually been polished to a curve to avoid cuts. Try bevelling all those 90° corners that could cut our legs.

-Ultra-flat matresses without sheets or pillows? How am I supposed to sleep on that?

-Help, I’m trapped! Isn’t a window supposed to be unlockable? This one is integrated in the wall. Try creating a separate window object that you can then place into the wall.

-The 2-poster bed is for alpinists. How can we reach the upper bed without a small ladder?

-The scene is low poly and there is little softness. I can actually see the edges of your matress. Try a subsurf modifier and some loopcuts to fix this.

-How can you open drawers without handles? Model a simple handle and put it on each drawer.

-The entire room is kinda empty. Add some props! Let’s see some books, sheets of paper, homework perhaps? ; decorations,etc…

-Lighting: Like Evil Moon said: a sunset is orangy pink. Change the color of your lamp.

That’s all I can find for now :P. Nice concept and camera positioning by the way :wink:

Hope this helps, and happy blending!

i agree with all of the above.
i feel that it’s in it’s very early stages, and that getting some constructive feedback may be tricky, but here i go:

  • the camera angle is quite low, this makes everything seem imposing and scary, not terribly childhood like.
  • what renderer are you using? if it is BI, your lighting is good, but it really looks to bland and boring.
  • everything is the same material

it could be pretty good though :smiley:

Hiya, thanks for the comments, I modelled this after how I remembered my own bedroom, didn’t have any posters on the walls. I do realize there is no sheets on the bed, I just don’t know how to make them look “real.”

I don’t know if you are still posting here, Saturn, but using a cloth modifier will work great for sheets :wink: