I just read a summary of this article concerning the birthrate in France. The takeaway point is:

It shows that in just one generation, meaning in 20 years, the proportion of French men who are 50 years old or more, and have NO child, has almost doubled. DOUBLED. From 12,8 % to 20,6 %.

Here in the U.S., white children have been the minority since 2011, and the trend is only going to accelerate. I would expect within merely a decade whites under the age of 30 will be a very small minority in the U.S. (and “whites” generously includes the large Arab population; remove them and the number of whites is smaller still).

Many whites are happy to see their genes fizzle out of existence, and believe that white sterility is evolution, that whites deserve to be supplanted by other races because whites are evil. I reject that acceptance of white genocide, root and branch.

It makes me very, very said to see that myself and most all of my friends - most of us from relatively large families (2 to 6 kids, usually) - are now childless. At my age, 33, it is reaching the point where you’ll have to find a woman considerably younger than you (which would require money, to be blunt) to have a family.

What sparked me to write this here at Blender is the latest ‘Bits of Blender’ (the father/son tutorials), where all of the sudden the little fella had a deep voice. It is funny because I learned Blender in 2011, and I watched their older tutorials, when the kid was clearly a small child. It makes me deeply sad to worry that I might never be a dad like that, nor are any of my friends. The elementary school where I attended is now dominated by people of a different race and culture, and my entire hometown no longer reflects the people who first created it.

I believe that much of the childlessness stems from sexlessness, honestly. I know that many whites (and Asians, the birthrates in Japan and Korea are similarly small) prefer internet porn to sex (in the case of women, sex toys and books). I also think that modern diets, high in carb but low in the cholesterol and saturated fat which make sex hormones makes many women barren, and many men impotent. But I don’t know that that can explain it all.

It just makes me sad to worry that I’ll never be a father, and that neither will most all of the white guys I grew up with. That in terms of evolution…I’m the unfit.

When you look at it, there are more factors then just the ‘whites are evil’ mantra.

Increasingly, people are turning more and more to environmentalist ideology that states that there are way too many people on the planet and that the human race must significantly pare their numbers in order to give more room for the animals. This goes even further with some groups who are calling for full-blown human extinction. I’ve also read of some extreme visions for such an environmentalist utopia such as a world with only 30 million people who are all living in smaller settlements (nothing like the big cities today).

This in part goes hand and hand with the decline of traditional worldviews that have promoted the idea that we must ensure that there is a generation that will live beyond the years of the one before. With many turning away from this, they end up thinking that humanity is doing nothing of good for the planet and have pledged to go it alone or not start families. I’m not saying that one should look at having a dozen children or more in each family, because that is in part a piece of reasoning given by those in undeveloped societies, in general, you usually wouldn’t need more than 3 children to ensure that your family’s lineage continues.

Anyway, I myself have no plans for marriage and child rearing, but not because I’m one of those environmental guys, I just don’t think I’m the type of guy who can readily handle such a concept.

There is no scientific evidence that whites differ from
other races in any way other than skin color. Why should I give a
fauns fumet that a particular color of human should disappear. I’m
old childless white. When I was young I thought that it would be a
good thing if all the races mixed till they were indistinguishable
from one another thus eliminating an excuse for people to hate each
other for absolutely meaningless differences. I still think that’s a good idea.

If “overpopulation” were the reason that many whites celebrate childlessness, then they would also be telling blacks to have fewer children. They don’t and, in fact, celebrate black and Mexican mothers at every turn. They would never, ever, ever, ever say that. Therefore, the “Earth is overpopulated” rationale can’t be the case. (Incidentally, I reject that on technical grounds, too.)

But I see why you would think of that argument.

Personally, I believe that the “I’m not having children because of overpopulation” is just a cover for impotent men and barren women to hide their sexlessness behind a cover of nobility.

Okay, I reject that you’re denying Africans, Jews, Arabs, and Asians their own heritage. You’re saying that blacks should be turned into white people, and that is as racist as you can get.

Genetics are a spectrum, just like the color spectrum. Colors exist, and so do races. Beyond that, I do not want this thread to be taken over by whites who buy into this. Like I said above, I think that this is merely cover for your impotence and sexlessness.

@DavidBrennan: strange. I hope you will meet a girlfriend and will have children soon. Whatever the color skin of your girlfriend will be.
@moderators: I hope you will close this thread soon. No place for racism.

It’s not good to call for censorship. If you don’t like topic, don’t read.

But I agree with you that Gandalf’s post denying that black people exist is very racist.

One of my favorite books is the science fiction dystopic novel ‘Children of Men’. (It differed strongly from the movie based off it, but the core premise is the same: a future where suddenly nobody can have children.)

What was cool about the book was how vivid and thorough her portrayal of this dying, aging England was. There was one passage concerning sex that I always remember:

One might have imagined that with the fear of pregnancy permanently removed, and the unerotic paraphernalia of pills, rubber and ovulation arithmetic no longer necessary, sex would be freed for new and imaginative delights. The opposite has happened. Even those men and women who would normally have no wish to breed apparently need the assurance that they could have a child if they wished. Sex totally divorced from procreation has become almost meaninglessly acrobatic.

In other words, when there’s no chance of procreation, people’s sex drive plummets. (This also coincides with men’s reduced sex hormones after vasectomies.) It is very true.


But I agree with you that Gandalf’s post denying that
black people exist is very racist.

Not to worry, even if all become mixed race, people will
still find reasons to fear, hate and kill one another over
meaningless distinctions.


Excellent. It is good to see that you agree that races have a right to self-interest, and you do not wish to wipe Israel, Saudi Arabia, China, Liberia, or other ethnostates off the map. Genocide = bad.

Because races are abstractions they can not claim rights. A race has no mouth with which to make any claim. It has only a particular sub-genome of the human. As a white you (for example) can make no claim for the white race because you are not all the whites in the world.

My mistake. You do NOT believe that Israel, China, Saudi Arabia, et al have a right to exist.

I disagree with your genocidal philosophy, and reject it, from stem to stern.

Genocide = bad

Genocide is “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, caste, religious, or national group”

So yes, Genodide is bad. As to the end of a race by the chance voluntary choices of breeding partners, that is fine with me.

I’m sure all would find it very informative to see you try to construct a logically rigorous argument that would demonstrate sequence of inferences that lead from my assertions to what you claim above. I’m looking forward to it.

Ah, good to see you come back around and now say that you do not want to wipe Israel off the map, after all. Was concerned. We can only hope that’s your final answer. I don’t want you confusing things again in five posts by saying that Jews are just a “social construct” and you want to dump 5 million Nigerians into Israel.

As far as “voluntary breeding”, it is bizarre that you love that blacks have many children, but you hope that whites remain childless.

Many modern whites are barren, sterile, and sexless (I’m sure you’re impotent, and that’s fine), this isn’t wholly by choice. Whites traditionally plan families around finances, whereas blacks and Mexicans do not. So when white’s are taxed to subsidize welfare programs for other races, as well as a massive police and prison state to stop the violent crimes of those other races, then whites are coerced into not having families because they’re synthetically poor.

Coercion ≠ choice.

Thus, we see that when white countries in Europe were populated by their indigenous populations, birth rates were healthy. Now that all white countries (save for a few small ones, such as Estonia) have imported the third world, the indigenous people of Europe suddenly are way below replacement level.

But I don’t object to you being sexless and childless. I am speaking of the aggregate, not the individual.

Shouts racism when someone endorsed multi ethnic breeding- blames low native birthrates on immigrants.

there’s a reason you’re not getting laid david…

Lying is bad. You told one…two…three lies in there. Stop lying.

I blame low white birthrates on many things. Whatever the cause, I don’t like the death of whites. You might like it - perhaps you’re even a cuckold fetishist? - but genocide is bad.

I started this thread not to be a forum for “anti-racists” as an opportunity to renounce European Christendom and bend over for blacks. I don’t care what cuckold fetishists and anti-whites think. If you think that “race is a social construct”, then you cannot accept my observation or the demographic data that this thread is premised upon, and therefore it doesn’t apply to you.

I started this thread because the overwhelming number of young white men I know (and I’m being loose with “young” here - under the age of 40) are childless. This includes what I see in the Blender community. It is not applicable to non-whites, and therefore I didn’t include them.

So I would prefer if people would comment on the reasons they think for the childlessness of whites, and what they believe will turn it around.

I was going to post something - then forgot.

As stated in my previous post, my impatience stems from people replying to this thread, when they don’t accept the premise that it started. This thread is not for them, and I don’t want the “social justice activism” crowd taking it over. So I am blunt to them: Go away.

However, Michael, what would be greatly welcome would be thoughtful observations and suggestions that build upon the thread’s premise. You said it was “reasonable”. So, state your own observations and thoughts, and the conversation can be constructive rather than reductive.