Children Misbehaving

Having trouble with some children not doing what they are told, and following the wrong parent particles;

Basically, some of the child eyelashes on top are being pulled down by the parent eyelashes on the bottom, and vice-versa.

Anyone know why?
I’ve made sure the normals are right, applied rot/loc/scale, checked all the clumping/parting etc…am I missing something, like weights or some sphere of influence slider or the like? :neutral_face:

Oh, and I’m using 2.81~

Ok, so it turned out the top & bottom eyelash emitters were just too close together (was thrown off by how only some random children seemed to be affected).

Solved by splitting the top & bottom emitters into seperate objects…which required re-doing the hair, but thankfully eyelashes aren’t too complicated or time consuming~ :upside_down_face: