Children not following parent strands and vertices not even.

The children are not following the shape of the parents, but are bending quickly backwards.

When creating the particle system I set the hairs to zero, then drew guide hairs and applied children.

Here’s the shape of the parents / guide hairs (also, why do some of the hairs have all the vertices clumped together at the top?):

Here’s object mode without children, no problem, the hairs are following the guides:

But when I turn on Children, many of them bend backward quickly, and don’t follow the shape of the parents, going back through the head:

The models hair is really long, so these hairs cut through her face and come out through the bottom of her jaw, then back down into the body.

What I can I do get the children to follow the parents?

Also, why do some of the hairs have all the vertices clumped together at the top? (this does not seem to effect the other problem, because the children were doing this without those hairs)

Thank you for any help you might provide!

Possibly Solved:

It seems to be caused by using “interpolate” when adding hairs, and that fact that I started with the bottom of the scalp first (to layer the hair on top).

I’ve started redoing the hair with “interpolate” off, and there seems to be no problem, and the children are obeying the parents much better. But as soon as I turn interpolate on, the top strands follow the bottom strands, and go through the head. This seems to cause it to “mix” the information (‘up’ from the top hairs, ‘down’ from the bottom hairs). Once I turn interpolate on and add hairs it seems to permanently mess up the calculation.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to repair the hair, but I’ve started it over with interpolate off, and the problem seems to be gone. Hopefully it stays gone.

Not Solved.

Any time I try to get the hair to go up and then down for the hair part, it seems to cause a similar problem. Going for something similar to this:

It’s working, except for some of the children that just go up, then back down, then out through the bottom of her head:

New Solution:

It seems to be an issue of interpolating the left and right sides, so I separated the “part” area of the scalp into two pieces, ‘left’ and ‘right’, and now the children seem to be behaving:

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