Children's cartoon Christmas song/animation

Hi all,

I know it’s a little early to be talking about Christmas, but you might be interested in seeing a little Christmas song video I’ve been working on for a while in Blender. So enjoy!

Here’s the link:

  • David Lindsley

Wow! Great animations and modeling… Great everything!!
What’s that for anyways, cause the little bears kinda freaked me out :wink:

Nice work :slight_smile:
(If those characters are yours, good job on the whole marketing strategy.)

Hi Bearubs,

that is too awesome man great share actually and just want to add thanks to you. for this awesome video.keep working and sharing.


oh no im :eek: not going to be able to get that song out of my head now :RocknRoll:

awesome animation dude

You win, Sir.

Now for the criticism :wink:
The bear-girl hair has some weird movement, and the drum-tree texture was wrong. Also the mic cable Santa is holding moves weird at first, and the last time it shows up it only moves on its upper part, the rest is static and that was very noticeable to me. And maybe the background image with the moon and stars is too pixelated. Other than that I find this animation awesome and amazing. Voices are clipping too much tho, specially when they sing together, you’d need to record them again for a much better result IMO.

That is really good, Bearubs! One crit - when the girl kisses the boy at the start, she is more like kissing his hair, not his cheek :smiley: otherwise, it is good!


Thanks everyone for your comments!

Elek, ShingWanTan - your comments are exactly right! I guess I always saw those problems in the back of my head, but it’s good to get a fresh look from others! :slight_smile:

Stvndysn - eight hours of Barry Manilow CDs might get the tune of out your head! :wink:

  • David Lindsley

The first verses and chorus of the video is taken from the beginning of a Christmas episode that I’ve been working on for quite a while. I had it somewhat finished at one point, then we made a bunch of script changes, so it’s moved back several squares… but I’m still plugging away it at.

Out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in helping me to get this Christmas episode finished up? I stumbled upon “TWO” on Martin Hash’s Animation Master site and was very impressed with the collaboration in making a cartoon there. See the site at, and click on the “TWO” button.

Let me know if you would like to help!

Okay, I’ve made some improvements to the Bearubs Christmas video - so here is the latest and greatest version!

Thanks everyone!

You are doing a great job! I would love to help with this project, but I have committed myself to another one…I think you are on the right track with this, keep it up!!!:yes:

WOW! Thats what I call improvements “Bearubs” !
The sound is now entirely professional, and spot on! Very well done!.

Thanks everyone for your comments! Here are some screenshots of the Chirstmas episode that I’m working on.

At first I had a bitmap image of Big Ben and it didn’t look right. So I took the time to model the face (using a lot of bezier curves and some meshes) and here is the result.
I think this scene turned out well. I love particles. Particle hair, particle leaves, particle grass, particle flowers, particle floating notes (way in the background)

And a couple more scenes…

I clicked the link, It said the video was removed by you huh?

Hey Mr. Lindsley,

great work on the 3d version of Bearubs! The look and feel really matches up with the whole bearubs universe! I followed this on blendernation lately so i came to visit both your site aswell as the bearubs’S! Your artwork is really great! the designs of the 50-60s pictures with the kiddiecars and toys is huge! Tho i havent experienced that time for myself i really enjoy the look and feel of the images and i think the Bearubs are heading the right way to get closer to this feel with every new installment that u relay here! Great work in the blender and much appreciation for keeping us up 2 date!
I wish i had the animation skills yet to help on the xmas episode but i’m afraid I’m stuck in the stage of modelling as long as my own animated film is set up entirely and ready for showcase :S
Anyway good luck with your project and your artistic work!
Best regards