Child's Nightmare

It’s my debut here :slight_smile:
After months of of reading and learning blender I finally made something that is not build with tutorial, is not 5 hour work to academy and which I can show without shame.
I made this picture for challenge - Nightmare. that’s why image is “not so funny”.
Well… it shows sad story, but it had to show a nightmare.
There are some details (for example: of anatomy), that could be corected, but deadline came and I’d like to proceed to another project. This picture helped me to improve my skills a lot.

If someone’s interested in hi-res version:

I love the hair and the way he holds the teddy bear, they both look realistic.
His cloths also look great.

Great job

well, the image tells a sad story so i won’t say it’s cool or something but anyway its very good artwork.

Very powerfull message, and excellent picture.
5 stars.

Its good art… when I saw it, it turned my stomach but that is a good thing, that’s what makes great art…

stunning. a strong and powerful picture. “powerful” has already been said, but repetition serves to reinforce.


Thanks for good words. One week after finishing that picture, I think that it’s maybe too agressive or maybe too brutal… but, on the other hand, I think that subject justify it.

Five stars from me! Your image is not brutal, it just clearly states its message. Those things DO happen… what can be more brutal than that? Great image, great message!

Emotional and very touching picture indeed, you’ve expressed the situation very well and the lighting, texturing and the modeling is very well done.

Not a nightmare! From nightmares we wake up an nothing happens!

This is terrifiant!

The sic part of this reality of stupidity of some peoples…

The pictures represent one sad part of reality we live… a nightmare is something made by the mind in some circumstance

On thing that is nightmare in the picture are the lips of the child :slight_smile:

5 stars

Strong image.

I really like it. A bit brutal, but that’s kinda its point.

Love this one!

You get the point across quite strongly in how you’ve modeled the child - expression etc…
I also like the way you’ve used shadow for the parents in this case.

Very effective and well done.


This image moves me to great sadness as a parent. They say that evoking emotion is the mark of good artwork. By that measure, I guess you have succeeded. On the other hand, I can barely stand to gaze upon it.

Wow… stunning… This evokes great emotion. The lips part of the child gives me the willies. Very well done. I really like the idea of the shadows for the parents, didn’t notice that until I looked a bit more.

Overall, very, very good.

Concept for this image came to me very quickly, after I read about “nightmare” challenge. I decided to make it this way to avoid boring monster-with-glowing-eyes-over-the-kid-bed-and-the-kid-is-very-scared scene. In first place I focused on impotence (in meaning of powerlessness), which is very often important part of nightmares (and that’s why boy has his mouth stitched). Making a story about so serious problem was not calculated to get good comments like - “your image is great because it’s about so important things”.

I wanted to look on the challenge subject in a different way. After ideas came to me I decided that this story about boy and his family will be good as challenge entry, but also will give me opportunity to show something that’s important and it’s not allways a subject of 3D art. I know that this picture can even hurt someones feelings. I don’t want to teach anyone, but if someone will think for a while about this story it will be supplementary success of mine.

I’m not a funny-guy type. I like sad stories, but to make my debut with this image makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable.
I learned a lot while doing this picture, and I’m completely in love with 3d art and blender and I have loads of ideas. I like when picture tells a story, but I hope that my next submission will be more optimistic.

Yes, very vivid, and puts the message across well. You did a very good job of this!

Best of luck in the compitition.

u got the kids expression perfectly!
:smiley: 5 stars

This image verry clearly brings over one of the big problems in domestic viollence.

wel executed



Very sad and well done… good luck with the challenge.

I think this is a great start because it’s not optimistic. It is what seperates it from many other works done here, even from the other monster and nightmare works because it has a strong message (as the others said before). Sadly our world isn’t always nice and clear with perfect sundowns and people often feel unconfortable when they are confronted with that fact so I think that you must be a quite confident person who’s not afraid of posting such a provocating artwork.

5 Stars