Childs Play (not the movie) WIP more updates!

Hey, I’m working on a few things for a scene called childs play. Its nothing like the movie. Here’s a rendering of the “jack in the box” that I made. i was testing the hair on it.

and another from the top…

c and c welcome. Will put up more thumbnails and images soon.



Here’s another of the child’s room…


Also, if anyone knows of any good uv mapping tutorials for my clown’s head, let me know. Or if you know where I might be able to put the seams on him then I would appreciate it. I’m going to do a full on texture of this room.

Looks very promising so far. Looking forward to see how it progresses!

As for tutorials

thank you for the tutorial! This will help. More updates coming soon.


Here’s another update on the clown. I didn’t try very hard on the uv map because it looks more sinister with the “paint” looking like it was drawn on clumsily.


What sadistic parent is going to buy that for their kid? Thats like… And hes got blood splotches on his teeth!!1

woo7!! for the evil clown!

“Can’t sleep, the clowns will eat me.”


Hey all I’ve decided to use the old game “simon says” to light the clown and other objects in my scene. I’m having a hard time getting it to look right. I tried to use radiosity with the simon says buttons emitting but it doesn’t work out very well. I’m still a little frustrated because I also used lights inside the buttons with ray transparency on but the problem is that no light hits the outside of the buttons so you only see light inside of them… here’s a picture of simon says…

any ideas?


Ok this is what I have so far! its not finished of course… I’m looking for any suggestions for bettering the picture. Any suggestions on camera placement? any other toys I should add? Stuff like that…

c and c very much appreciated as always :slight_smile:


It’s improving ! And I like the lighting!

One thing about this simon says toy. I’d go for making that one sickly twisted in some dangerous way too, since the others are looking quite riskful to play with. Maybe something with electricity if you push the wrong button, might be hard to show though, iono.

Anyways, you’ll surely come up with something.

good idea… any thoughts on how to improve camera placement and/or the camera angle?


Something worth trying for contrast… Place a blue light behind the clown with energy quite low. The idea is to try and get a cold bluish strip of light down his back to contrast with that warm glow on his face. This would simulate moonlight though a window and would help to give him form without losing the sinister appeal of his facial lighting. You might need to give it a window frame mask.

The shadows bother me a bit - very hard-edged considering the transluscency of the buttons on the toy. I can’t offer a solution though. Are the shadows now genuinely created by the toy or have you used lamps?

Overall the mood of the lighting is fitting for the scene.

I used lamps with ray shadows on for the buttons. I couldn’t get the buttons to generate enough light. I should probably work with an area lamp or something to see if I can get softer shadows.

Heres a large render. I had to do this so I could see how everything looks. It is by no means complete though!!

c and c welcome


Here’s another update… I tried for softer shadows from the illuminated buttons and I succeeded somewhat. Again, any more c and c is appreciated.