chill out room | interior&exterior

Here I present you my newest project.

The idea for the first picture is adapted from a furniture magazine. The exterior shot is all done by myself, also the design of the building.

Hope you guys like it. Share your thoughts and give me a feedback especially on realism and composition.

Great job on the realism and composition.

Some small points of improvement.

First picture:

Maybe the ivy looks a bit fake. The way it wraps around the house doesn’t look realistic i think.

The second picture i like the most.

Maybe realism could be increase in the second picture by messing up the books in the closet a bit.
Rarely books all have the same depth and stay straight up.

Overall: great job!

Thanks for the comment!

My first time using the ivy addon, I guess I have to tweak the settings a little bit more. Thanks for remarking.

for the books, I was a little bit unmotivated, but i can improved that without a problem

Can you say what render engine, render time per frame, and what hardware?

All done with blender and cycles, just a little post processing in the compositor (color balance and vignette)

rendered both with 1000 samples, but less would also have been enough.

top image about 9hour
bottom image about 6hour

But I only got an old 2.4 GHz Inter Core 2 Duo processor on a macbook pro

Great job mate! Really nice composition!

This is the best thing a house could have. I want one.

With a couple 200w speakers, of course. ;D