Chillin' Rat

Hi there! I hope you like my new personal piece. My focus with this scene is to test the new #CyclesX in a scenario as complex as I could make it in the couple of weeks I had. It’s been such a nice experience! All things 3D are #madewithblender 3.0 Alpha (Cycles X branch) and the concept art was made using Krita. Other stuff I used: various textures from , and some plants from the Blender Cloud.

Full Render with Comp

Wireframe in viewport

Conept Art made with Krita


Lights Breakdown

Thanks for checking my work out and have a splendid last days of summer!

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Love him! the concept art is also great!

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All I can say is that this MUST be on the featured row!


Love the ambiance. Great one!

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Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! :wink:

:smiley: :+1:
Great work, congrats.

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It’s so cute.~ :hugs:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


I really dig the lighting. billiant!

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My man… mean rat :wink:

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Rats. It’s looks so chiiled !

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Very cool! Any tips on how to make this fur material?


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Muchas gracias!

In the grooming side of things I separated the fur in various particle systems, separated by weight maps driving the density:

  • Generic Body Hair
  • Small hair arround the eyes and mouth (must be thinner)
  • Hair in the ears
  • Thinner lighter hair arround feet and wrist

For all of them I used a fair around of guides (particles), arround 500 for the body hair, for you to make an idea. Combed them and trimmed them into place and then used interpolated children. I find it’s pretty important to make sure that the guides are scattered evenly arround the surface, so I may add individual particles if an area lacks some. Then, basically tweaking the different roughness values to get what i want.

In the shading side of things, it’s a Principled Hair with a texture that drives the color. The only fancy thing is that i used the random value of the hair info node to make som random hairs appear either full white or black, which I found rats have from my references.

Thanks for asking, I home this helps!

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Very adorable render!

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Lovely idea and execution! :slight_smile:
The only thing that feels a bit off is the depth of field, but that’;s probably a artistic decision.

Really like the ice shader as well.


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wow! thank you so much for this explanation, it helps a lot. I’ll try to work my way through it.


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