I`ve been away from blender for some time now, 2 years or so, and man, it has really evolved alot, finally i had the chance to pick it up again, decided to redo some of my old stuff and started with this, the goal was to do it in 2 weeks max, but although i am embarased to admit it, i forgot some of the shortcuts, and catching up with the new features took some time, so i lost 2 or 3 days just to get the blender juices flowing again, plus i only had an hour so daily that i could really dedicate to this, but since my auto-imposed deadline was set, this is as far as i got, with that in mind, please be kind.

I did a quick basemesh, very general, then i sculpted it up to level 3, for the fine details and texture, i exported to zbrush, then reimported it to blender, rendered with blender internal, some sss, particles for the hairs, i added some more hair in photoshop, since my machine couldnt handle as much strands as i wanted, the just some usual levels and contrast.

and the untextured version

C&C more than welcome

Well the noseholes looks way to sharp and the ears are too.
Furthermore a good model

Wow, that looks über-great!
Can you show us your work before you exported it to ZBrush?

I have to agree though, there is a problem with the nostrils. Also, there is something with the mouth that makes it look a bit to “human”. I had a look at chimp images and here are my five pennies: The lips should probably be thinner and more firm. I’m not really sure, but I think chimps don’t have a philtrum (the depression below the nose). Shouldn’t the bone under the upper lip be larger?

Thanks for sharing
/ Mats

Very nice sculpt,extuding the nostrils back and adding some nice sss would help get rid of the sudden blackness in the nose and really add to the lips and ears. Check out this thread,

Thanks for your comments, ChevyVanDudeG20 fixed the nostrills, about the ears i dont quite get what you mean, but i added some sctraches and stuff to them, also some black zones to the color, Mats Halldin, i am not that sure about the philtrum thingy, but i took you ardvise and tried to fix it, ill post the screen caps of the model before the zbrush as soon as i have a chance, about the chin, its because the lip is slighty up and the head slightly tilted back, seanser, about the sss, actually it has some, but very light, the thing with sss is that is way too picky, if i added more the black parts went redish, but ill play with it a bit more.
Heres another shot at it, tried to fix the nostrills whitout having to do mayor changes to the textures, also tried a different expression, more to the one i had in mind when i started it.

I think the skin could use a softer spec value, with a wider base.

I agree with Padfoot. It looks a tiny bit too greasy or waxy as it is at the moment. Wonderful work, though.

Finally managed to have some time to fix a couple of things with this one, padfoot7726, i was thinking exactly the same before i even read your post, actually i played a bit with the spec values and the spec map, hope thats better, Amor_Inflexi, thanks, Mats Halldin, here is a render with the levels of subdivision prior to zbrush, played a bit with nodes so you can see the wires also (well, most of them :o, couldnt get the full ears to show).

Here is the final version, i ended up quite happy with this one, i finally managed to get the ears looking as i intended, :D, i also played a bit with the lighting set up and the sss and some minor fixes in the mesh and colour map.

The new one looks much better. Nice job.

Agreed, looks great now. Keep it up!

/ Mats

Look good! Keep going.

Final render is a big improvement, looks great well done!