Chimpanzee Sculpt

I am working on eventually doing a full monkey sculpt for a concept my friend and I made of a dino-monkey. I wanted to make the head as realistic as possible to a chimpanzee. I feel like the sculpt is somewhere in uncanny valley, where it’s close but there’s something still off. Would love feedback on what I can fix to make it look right.
Thank you!

If I compare your sculpt to the photos, I think you did the general proportions and anatomy correctly. The main difference I am seeing is that the sculpture is perfectly symmetrical, while the real life versions seem to have imperfections, like different ears or lumps on one side of the nose.

Some other things:
-The wrinkles you added on the eyebrow ridges might be too deep and too straight, the references look more like twisted, lumpy cracks.
-The chin might be more narrow and rounded on the photos?

outside of that, I think you are on the right path and it could just be a case where you have to trust that it will look good once the fine details are added. Maybe start by doing the eyes, because the lack of realistic eyes is messing with the facial expression and changing the entire vibe of the sculpt.


Thank you. I will get working on those changes.
I was scared to turn off the symmetry and add more details while it was still looking weird.
Will post results soon!

Thank you again!

Based on your reference, I think the eyes should be closer together. Your eye distance is wider than the widest part of the nose- your reference has eye distance at about half the widest part of the nose

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Should the eyes be a bit smaller too?

You could try it… it depends on the look you’re going for. It’s also hard to say because your references are shaded/textured etc, and it’s hard to tell if the eye is the right size when it looks so different already just materially :thinking: I would honestly hold off and leave the eyes the same size for now, you can adjust them later if needed

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Got to go to work, but here’s some of the changes so far. I’ve found the hardest part of sculpting is getting the proportions right. I have a long ways to go to figure out how to do that well.