Hey all!

I’m trying to model a chimp to act as a base mesh for me to texture, rig, and cover in new cycles fur…

Anyway, I’m having some difficulties deciding what kind of topolgy works and what kind doesn’t.

I’d figure I’ll share the blend file, and if anyone is interested, can perhaps give me tips or pointers on how to proceed or what to fix? So far I’ve nearly completed the head and began work on torso and shoulders, and figured this would be a good place to stop and get some help!


chimp17.blend (817 KB)

When looking at your model, I noticed several artifacts along the line of symmetry, and also loops around the ears and eyes that didn’t need to be there; in other words, you added more edge loops than you needed. As far as topology, there are lots of poles on the chest especially around the shoulder. I’ve played with the geometry around the eyes in the .blend file below that you may want to look at.

chimp17_edit.blend (745 KB)

The chimp looks great so far; keep it up!

I see what you did. Thanks, it looks good.

I’m grinding my teeth over the shoulder topolgy. I think this is like my fourth attempt. I guess I should do some human torso modelling tutorials and apply the method to the chimp’s torso.

Thanks for the heads-up