Hey there, didnt post here in a long time.
Here is my most recent work. Sculpted in Blender. Rendered in Cycles.

Full view here.

Could have more detail in the skin texture, but since this is a vertex painted hi-poly sculpt with some procedural detail, i’ll let it at this stage for now.


I really like the expression, pensive thinking is what I imagine.

Very cool, looks kind of like a painting

Thanks! That was the expression i was going for! :slight_smile:

it is definitely a great start and the expression works. I agree, it needs more bump / texture detail. But it’s not bad as is, just has potential to be better.

I really like it! But as mentioned by the others it could be better … more bump and wrinkles, and more hair like little fuzzy facial hair and a bit less specular. But anyways well done!