China-USA, the battle of WHO

Dear all, thanks a lot to the Blender community and the Blender software of course for making this possible. With 2 artists we made the opening title of a documentary that will be broadcasted on Franco-German tv station Arte, next Tuesday at 8:50pm here :

And here’s the opening titles :

I have a long term dream of switching to open source softwares, but it is hard learning new tools when you spent over a decade on standard softwares.

I’m a total beginner in Blender, so I was very concerned to try and learn a new software during production on a tight deadline. But when I saw the possiblities offered by Eevee, I thought I had to use it. Seeing how easy it is to learn was very exciting. Thank you so much for making opportunities like this possible, and looking forward to learn more about Blender and Eevee.