Chinchilla of Bug Bunny - problem with edit


I purchased “Learning character animation” DVD of lately and I’m having trouble with the mesh.

I’d like to animate chinchilla of “Big Bug Bunny” movie which is included on the DVD.

When I select chinchillas mesh and hit TAB to enter edit mode the most parts of the mesh dissapears and only vertices of chinchilla’s face are visible and ready for edit. I would like to edit the complete mesh. I tried for days and now I’m stucked with it. :confused:

Can you help me out with it? I’m not a Blender pro so please appologize if it is a stupid question :o

try alt+h in edit mode, mesh may be hidden.

Also you would be better posting in one of the support forms, this isn’t animation related.

This reminds me i’ve had posemode issues with the rabbit… if i try to pose him in some way, just one click and his chest gets sucked in. Try opening with 2.46, i don’t have any problems with the BBB files there.

I must have been blind!

Thats it! I hit alt+h and now can see the complete mesh. I tried on Blender 2.46 and 2.49, works on both.

Thank you hessless and Pesho


P.S. Sorry for choosing the wrong forum topic