Chinese Brush Painting

I do some chinese brush painting in real life and I’d really love to be able to do it in Blender. At the moment I have no idea how I’m going to go about it as those nodes just make my head hurt.
Anyway, I’ll post stuff here as I get it done…

Maybe you should try Freestyle NPR

LOVE the artwork.
Also, thanks for the suggestion. I’m checking it out now.

Ok. Well, I checked that out and while it looks like EXACTLY what I want, I am not going to download all of that stuff.
I will keep messing with it and it will work for me. Maybe with those frustrating nodes…
Where there’s a will there’s a way, right???

Hmm… I give five minutes of my time.

Make that ten. Here is my first node set up.


Japanese style is ready to use.
I agree that coding is not for everyone but there is a WIP in Sourceforge about Freestyle NPR integration with Blender.

It’s empty for now :smiley:

Well, I’ll try the nodes, Moose. TY like a thousand times and when I get anything done or somewhat done I’ll post the WIP.

Well, I have been working on other stuff lately but last night I was messing around and got a watercolor-ish type of render using halos. Below is the first render of that.
Now I will try to make a mountain scene like that and add some cartoon edges and a few other things and see what I get.