Chinese Hand Exercisers

Hey guys. Here’s something I made mostly in one late night.:wink: C & C are welcome. I need to add a table and I plan on using a different image for the Ambient Occlusion.


Whoa! Nice balls… heh just had to say it, but should the refective ness on the right ball be slightly more inward see that the left one has it in the same spot. :-? :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks really nice. I like the look of the box especially. Maybe try etching a design into the balls too. I have a pair with dragons etched into them. Just a thought.

You should realy put that on a table the way the box is around the balls will hide the hdri nice. I would turn the spec down on all your materials, for a more photo look. some more probes can be found here.

also I have made some search my post to find them.
I would keep working on this.( I love mirror balls :expressionless: )