Chinese imperial roof

Dear All, are there tutorial available to model a chinese imperial roof, or something close to it.
Basically, I’m having difficulties with modeling those lifted corner edges.

I figured out out to achieve the basic shape, but the topology is unrefined. not sure if that’s what you are asking or not though. I have no clue about the tiles.
Here’s a .blend with the basic geometry:
pagodaroof.blend (358 KB)

well let me just slam this out right away. that is a bad way to do it. really bad. take a look at this tutorial:

he explains what topology is. its not blender, but does not matter. watch part 1, maybe part 2 and 3 if you want.

tips, ONLY SQUARES!! no triangles!

pretty sure I already specified that it was not an example of topology, but achieving the initial form.

no but using triandles is never a good way to make round models. in this case he should make the roof individual form the rest of the building, and use quads. use the Extrude function for the most, and then add details as you move on. then copy paste the whole thing 4 times and connect them.

there are a million ways to model a given object, but it always starts with comprehending the form. I was not offering advice on topological considerations, and I specified that was not the case. I think it was clear.
(edit) btw, I have been promoting good topology on this forum, for many years, before most people knew what topology meant, and have guided many people toward using correct, quad topology, in tutorials, and right here in the modelling support section, in my spare time.

Have roof - have building. Wont comment flames, just to point out that all nice quads WILL be changed to triangles later. There is no thing in a World you could not approximate by triangles - citingthis.

Back to quads - one way to make this using proportional edit:

While quads do not feel quite comfortable subdividing mesh before and Subsurf after makes it somehow happy.
Quick test

I did hope that duplication on faces will allow to make roof surface detailed easily but there are quirks which prevent that. For me this looks like a bug but that is for a separate discussion.