Chinese lantern [Updated picture]

Here is the new render in which I added the table, the paper/wood wall and a small chinese wind screen made of bamboo. The scene is also better lit (I forgot the hole in the top of the lantern, so no light would come from there)
Here it is, I hope you like it.
It took 5 hours to render, about 1 to make.

Modelling: Blender
Rendering: LuxRender

No post production.

(I was rendering a bigger version but luxrender crashed. I will soon remake it)

C&C welcome! :smiley:

Edit: forgot, the symbol on the right means fire, the one on the left means light

Nice work! Lighting is really well done!

Thank you!
The light is emitted by a sphere inside the lantern.

you just need a light on top, all i can see is the light itself, not the top bit.
good job anyway!

I tried it with a light on top, but it made the scene look artificially lighted, and that’s what i didnt’t want

you could try adding a paper wall to the scene, that reflects some of the light.

that is, if you want to show the top :wink:

but i like this shot as well - only the lantern is a bit too close to the front for my liking. i would move it a bit back.

Okay people :wink:

Make suggestions, tomorrow I will gather the best ones and mix them, and produce a new image with all the goodness you suggested!

You are awesome as always, guys!

Looks too dark in my screen. The wood texture looks excellent anyway.

Edit:woops, someone mentioned the darkness already…

Yay just got my language lesson for today now I can write fire and light in Chinese!

Dude, this scene is very well done! Beautiful work.

Thank you very much!
Actually my first idea was to make paper lanterns (paper origami shaped as a cube with lights inside) but then, while searching on google about that i found an image about a lantern similar to that one I modeled and decided to make that instead

Yeah it’s to close to the camera, it should be in the middle of the camera angle. In the centre…the black above it has no purpose. Even it out a little bit, looks great though.

Well yes the camera hasn’t been moved since the first tests, where I wanted to include the handle in the shots… but after i changed the mood to dark and lit by the lantern only, i left the camera in place.

also, same thing for the lantern, I didn’t move it since I started.

I will include these two things in the newer version I will make

Thank you Zarnik

I updated the pic, check it out

looking much better!!!

Thank you very much ionee! :smiley:

it’s a nice piece of work, but it’s got a complete different feeling to it - so i don’t know, where you want to go with that lantern.

the first image gave a lot of room for imagination. e.g. i thought, maybe it is standing in a huge hall, like a throne room or something. it somehow felt lost, but than again it gave light. like hope in a dark time or something

the second one is far more concrete about the surrounding, so it looses some of the “magic”.

i’d love to see one like the first one, with better camera setting.
i really think, you where on to something there, that got lost in the second.
for that, i’d suggest you add some more stuff, maybe paper, ink and feather, or a candle, or something else that gives an idea about the owner.

but as i said, it’s a really nice piece of work :slight_smile:

Well I’m up to it if you want. So you want me to change the camera position (How exactly?) and add some paper and a feather? Its ok, if you really want i will do it

just give me more details

well for the first one - as has been said before - move the camera a bit away and down, so that the lantern is closer to the center of the picture.

the idea with the paper,… came to me, because i think, the picture doesn’t really tell anything. this could be anyones lantern in anybodys home …
so by adding something “personel” to the scene, one get’s an idea who the lantern belongs to - and by that an insight on it’s purpose/history.

another way, to make the scene more interesting, would be, to add something, that casts a shadow - because dancing shadows are amongst the"romantic" aspects of candle light…

good luck with that :cool:

Good work !
what kind of lamps were used ? area ?
and did you set a SSS for the paper ?

It’s not rendered with the internal, so there is nothing of that. The lantern is a traslucent surface, so that light can flow out of it.

And the light inside, well it’s just a sphere that emits light :stuck_out_tongue: