Chinese man makes working helicopter out of wood

Apparently the Chinese are just as inventive today as they were in ancient times, this helicopter was made out of a diesel engine, some pipe, and wood.

If they’re doing these things now I can only imagine the inventions coming out of China in 50 years, they already have a home-made rickshaw pulling robot as well.

Oh, ok…
That was one of the stranger things ive seen this morning.
I hope he doesn’t hurt himself in that flying tree house. =)

I can not believe that actually works.

Considering that leonardo da vinci flying machine (glider) worked, and nearly on par with the wright brothers … … this is not so far fetched.

Watch out for straw computers coming out of holland next . . . since that is one of the places that claim the “three little piggies” story origin.

A glider is essentially a delayed fall via air resistance. Something that lifts itself up is different, and much harder to achieve with wood…

I seriously doubt that this works. Won’t believe it until they show video of it with daylight underneath.

Hahha,this is just an upside down ceiling fan with a wooded cage attached to it.
No big deal…this thing does not fly!!